Nursing Home’s Begin Arduous Opening Process

Local nursing homes have the ability to start opening up once again, if certain parameters are met. According to the sun gazette nursing homes are adhering to a 3 step process for reopening safely.  Zach Shamberg, the CEO and president of the Pennsylvania Health Care Association has explained to media outlets each step, with the first being the most stringent and very limited, with no visitation permitted. The second step allows for small visitation sessions outdoors with regular temperature checks and social distancing. The third step is like the 2nd, just with larger groups and longer visitation periods. If anyone tests positive, communities must revert back to step one. Even though its an unfortunate situation, Shamberg says these steps allow everyone within the community to remain safe during the pandemic.

2 DUI’s in One Night

Earlier in the week Joshua Craver was arrested for DUI. After that, just hours later, Craver came into officers sights once again after State trooper Nathan Birch saw Craver on the roads once again. When the sirens were turned on, Craver floored it, reaching a speed of 110 during the pursuit. After a 20 mile ordeal the pursuit ended at the entrance of a school off route 287, where he was apprehended yet again with a strong odor of alcohol coming from the vehicle. He has been sent to the Lycoming county prison under a 100,000 dollar bail.

Weapon of Mass Destruction Among Grow Operation

Justin Applegate has recently been accused of having a grow operation along with possession of weapons of mass destruction. When state troopers searched the residence they found 12 immature plants, a drying rack and a tent for his plants fit with lights and a ventilation system. Along with the grow op was a backpack with modified consumer grade explosives, with metals and bolts taped around it to act as makeshift shrapnel. Mr Applegate had his bail set at 50,000 dollars by district judge Gary A. Whitman. He is to be arraigned in the coming weeks.

2 Dogs Shot in Defense of White Tail Deer

State police in Mansfield were called to a residence after a man self-reported shooting 2 of his neighbor’s dogs. The man, who’s name has not been revealed, was the owner of a domesticated white tail deer, that was fenced in on his property. The 2 German shepherds are alleged to have run over to the deer, barking at it and causing it to be frightened. The deer began hurting itself, damaging the fencing while trying to escape. The owner then shot the dogs. According to the police filed the incident under animal cruelty. It is currently under investigation, the Tioga county district attorney has yet to make a disposition.

2 Counts of Indecent Exposure for State College Man

A State College man is facing charges of indecent exposure. Danny Santos, 24, was at a community pool when he exposed himself to a couple by changing out in the open. He also alledgedly was reported masturbating on a separate day at the same pool, once again out in the open for everyone to see. Officers went to the pool and investigated Santos where he denied anything had happened, but a video surfaced from one of the witness’s where he was able to identify that santos had exposed himself. He is scheduled for a preliminary hearing on October 21st.



Catcher Francisco Cervelli announced his retirement in an Instagram post Saturday, ending his career with a .268 batting average, 41 home runs and 275 RBI’s.


A surge of the coronavirus has made its way through the Tennessee Tightens this week after another player and two staff members contracted it, totaling 10 people amongst staff and players.

Jarron Jones, an offensive lineman on the Pittsburgh Steelers‘ practice squad, was arrested early Saturday morning and charged with aggravated assault, strangulation and simple assault, according to a criminal complaint obtained by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. The arrest stems from an alleged physical altercation between Jones, 26, and his girlfriend at a Pittsburgh residence in the early hours of Oct. 3, according to the criminal complaint.