NYC Resident Abducts Estranged Daughter

Last night Pennsylvania State police issued an amber alert for a 7 year old girl named Giselle Torres, after her biological father Juan Pablo Torres, a resident of Queens NY. According to media outlets she was last seen before being recovered around 2 in the afternoon, where she was taken by Torres and 2 additional men wearing body armor on Montgomery Avenue in Elkins Park. Eventually investigators found out Torres was headed north, to NYC. It didn’t take long for a hostage negotiator to convice him to surrender. Giselle was recovered uninjured and taken to the NYC hospital for evaluation. Charges are pending.

Ravioli Disturbance

Over in union county, state troopers received a call about 3 loud bangs in a white deer tailor park. When they responded they found that the loud bangs was not fireworks or guns, but ravioli cans. According to at 3am, state troopers found that an unknown suspect had thrown 3 chef Boyardee at a residence, damaging their windows, startling the residence. Trooper Dustin Spangler is investigating the criminal mischief incident.

Central School District Teacher Sentenced to 2 Years

A former central School District teacher and girls soccer coach has been sentenced to 24 months after pleading guilty to sexually assaulting a 17 year old girl. In addition to the 24 months he will have to pay court costs and a fine of 2000 dollars, with probation for 2 years after he is free. He will also have to register as a tier 2 sex offender for the next 25 years. According to the sun gazette Black had many of his peers write letters suggesting a lighter sentence due to his good character. Judge Michael Salisbury did not agree with the 49 letters sent to him, saying his behavior was absolutely unacceptable and that nothing he could do could fix the damage he had done.

Charleston Township Robbery

A home invasion took place near Wellsboro PA in Charleston township. At a mobile home on the 1900 block of Charleston road around 3am, 2 men armed with pistols and a knife entered the home and duct taped 3 people in the residence. According to a police report around 25 to 2900 dollars in cash was stolen from a safe. One was harmed, but the police say the incident is still ongoing. If you know anything about the home invasion, any information is much appreciated. You can find the case and phone number on our website under the news section. (570) 662-2151. Case No. PA2020-1354817.

Corona Virus and Hair Loss

The corona virus can do a little more indirect damage than you thought. Doctors are seeing more patients with hair loss. This rings true for both the people who were asymptomatic and the people who have recovered. It’s even true in a broader sense for people not infected. This is because the hair loss is not from the virus directly, but the stress the body goes through fighting it off. As for people who have never contracted it, times are tough. With an economic recession, financial strain and deaths of family members, in addition to it being an election year, stress can really take a toll on your body. Life is hard, but no matter what happens, the sun will rise. The strongest of people ask for help, especially if you’re symptomatic.


HS Football

Southern Columbia 67, Warrior Run 0
Muncy 56, Columbia Montour Vo-Tech 24
Loyalsock 55, Hughesville 18
Shamokin 16, Selinsgrove 0
Central Columbia 42, Midd-West 20
Shikellamy 14, Milton 0
Troy 34, North Penn-Mansfield 21
South Williamsport 33, Montgomery 13
Montoursville 53, Mifflinburg 0
Sayre 35, Cowanesque Valley 14
Jersey Shore 55, Central Mountain 7
Williamsport 26, Berwick 7
Danville 35, Lewisburg 14
Athens 21, Wyalusing 14
Northwest 42, Bucktail 6



Ryan Fitzpatrick, Miami dolphins quarterback, became the first NFL quarterback to get 6 wins over the same opponent with 6 teams Thursday night, when he and his team defeated the jaguars 31 – 13. It is also the Miami dolphins first win with a double digit score, ending the longest drought in the leagues history.



After being barred from the field due to covid-19, the Miami marlins returned swinging, doing well enough to reach the playoffs for the first time since their 2003 championship.